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Essential Places in Kansas You Should Visit

Who said that Kansas City is boring maybe has never visited this place or has a completely different meaning to it. There are many things to do and places to visit here. The following is a list of some interesting activities:

Kansas City Zoo

It is one of the largest and most complete zoos throughout the United States. It can boast an exceptional 200 hectares area located on it. It’s so big that they have tram-trains that take guests from one end of the zoo to another because walking on both sides can take half an hour. The zoo provides animals from all over the world and is very popular as the park visits nearly three-quarters of a million visitors annually. Do not forget to take a guided tour of the zoo to enjoy all the exhibits you offer.


Must absolutely see when traveling to Kansas City, MO. Perhaps the oldest historic neighborhood in the entire city, as well as in this state, some red brick buildings in this area are so old that they served as facilities for the supply of settlers and pioneers. In addition to history and many preserved buildings, this area is decorated with many unique restaurants, art galleries, nightclubs, boutiques, and cafes.


Kansas City is presumably the city of America fountains with in excess of 200 fountains. You can enjoy fountains  literally anywhere in this city. While some are straightforward and rich, while others are complex and traditional. Truth be told, the second Tuesday of April is praised each day fountain, when all people in general fountains are included. This is a typical action for youngsters who take pictures of fountains once they are found and pursued, and the amount they have seen.

Ethnic festivals

September is the season celebrated by Fiesta Hispana. Is a two-day festival celebrating art, music and dance associated with Latin culture? There is an ethnic enrichment festival each August . This festival brings together 56 different cultures and offers their food, culture and arts.

Nelson Atkins Art Museum

Discover some of the most famous works of art in the world. To see some of the works of the artist you can find here, include the work of the following professors: Homer, Caravaggio, Monet, Titian, Rodan, Renoir, and many others. The museum offers several sections, including a real Egyptian tomb, a Chinese area, and even a sculpture garden. Must absolutely see! From the National War Memorial Museum to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, the Black basket Museum and the American Jazz Museum, there are many museums in the city. National Museum War Memorial is an official monument of the First World War, containing artifacts related to the war.

National Historic Site Harry Truman

The National Historic Site of Harry Truman was the home of President Truman since his marriage to Bass in 1919, until his death. You can also check a visitor center nearby . There is a beautiful souvenir shop where you can buy books and other souvenirs from Truman’s life. Original furniture and antiques are available at home and on the farm.


There are many things to see and do in Kansas City. The constant attitude of people is what keeps the city moving. Experience the spirit of the city through many festivals and events that occur throughout the year. Although tourism is not an important industry in Kansas, the state still has a lot to offer to travelers. Its history steeped in the old American West and an adventurous pioneer. There are many outdoor activities for adventurers. All this will be possible when you rent a car in Wichita to enable easy movement.