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5 Luxury Hotels to Stay in USA

The World report and U.S. news each and every year do an examination of all U.S. top hotels clearly focusing on what the travel experts said about the hotels, more about customer reviews and the kind of things they do offer. Renting a proper vehicle can give you more about this. From this, they come up with a list of best hotels in the area. Herein is a list of top best hotels you need to consider in the U.S.

The Auberge du Soleil

This is a five-star hotel that shows elegance situated in California’s Napa Valley region. In this elegant hotel, there are over 50 rooms of the premium type to ensure a private stay for visitors travelling to this place. There is an incredible view of this entire area in every room and you are assured of everything you might need as a service. This is actually among the perfect hotels you can call home when you visit America’s wine nation.

The Waldorf Astoria Chicago

This is one of Chicago’s finest hotels where you can experience true luxury. This is one of the names that are popular in the world associated with the word premium and haute. It is among the world’s five-star hotels that won’t fail you at all. It is a modern classic hotel that has been ideally located in the Gold Coast just a neighbourhood to this big city. The hotel offers over 180 rooms, an indoor pool, a big fitness and spa centre, a caring staff and many more things.

The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

This has been ranked as one of the best US hotels by the World Report and the U.S News. A stay in this U.S hotel is actually one of the luxury experiences to remember in life. The hotel is the epitome of all what a five-star modern hotel should look like. The hotel has been located at a strategic place with a variety of amenities and actually a great emphasis of it has been placed on the hotel’s general design and it is of this reason it is placed among the best hotels in the U.S.

The Langham Chicago

Is actually on of the popular U.S hotels travellers need to greatly consider when they step foot to this destination. It is actually an epitome of what a five-star high-end property should be representing. This is an extremely elegant place with its interior design a point talk of the town. Has been designed with larger rooms that are essentially alike the small apartments and many more other features it holds. The hotel in total has over 260 suites and guest rooms and they are there to please all kinds of travellers who stay foot to this destination.

The Montage Palmetto Bluff

This among the most beautiful resorts we have in South Carolina. The hotel feels like a small town itself. The hotel comprises of about 50 amazing private cottages. This hotel has almost all that can be admired by any individual outside these amazing cottages.

These are some of the luxury hotels to stay in the USA you need to know. Get more of these through rental24h exotic.